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Chief officer Maciek has over 5 years experience using PropOne, he relies on PropOne to keep this 145ft Sanlorenzo superyacht at peak performance. In this new video testimonial learn why he trusts PropOne and watch his hard working crew getting the job done!

“I recommend PropOne to other crews and to the shipyards, it's an amazing product for a great price!"

MaciekChief Officer, Sanlorenzo 44m yacht - Liguria, Italy

PropOne has been the coating of choice for Maciek and his crew for 5 years now, with his initial trials proving to be a success, he remains impressed with PropOne’s quality and value for money.

He states: “The first time we used it, it was a bit of a gamble to see, but now I am confident PropOne is as good as the competitors with a better price”.

Maciek applies PropOne safe in the knowledge that his vessel’s propellers and running gear will receive the best possible protection against fouling, with the added benefit of being a cost effective, proven product.

“With PropOne, the propellers stay clean during the season, which of course gives us greater speed and lower fuel consumption”

Again and again, PropOne has been an easy choice for Maciek and his crew for the performance and the value for money: “I would definitely recommend PropOne to other crews and shipyards because it is a great product for a great price”.