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To prepare fresh metal for PropOne application we recommend:

  1. Xylene/Acetone wipe down to remove surface contaminants (New white rag).
  2. Light abrasion using a mechanical grinder, wire wheel or by hand sanding (80-120 Grit).
  3. Cleaning with a 10% solution of Hydrochloric acid and 90% water (New white rag).
  4. Rinse with water, then apply Prop Wash (New white rag).
  5. Apply a simple water break test. Spray water on the surface and check that water droplets are not beading on the metal.
  6. If water is beading, repeat above steps.
  7. If water is not beading, dry with acetone and commence painting.

See technical data sheet and refer to brief application guide for more information on painting times