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Yes, you can re-apply the PropOne scheme to bare metal areas where PropOne has worn off due to regular use, such as the tips of the propeller blades.

It’s hard to recommend and give 100% assurance and that’s why we usually recommend to remove the coating scheme and start again. However for small areas it doesn’t always make sense to do this!

To do the touch up we recommend abrading back the damaged area to bare metal, making sure to work to an area that is undamaged. Then wash down with fresh water.

Then washdown the area with Prop Wash, then freshwater again. Then dry the entire area with acetone or ethanol including the undamaged area.

Apply a tape line to protect the undamaged area. Follow with the normal instructions for application of PropOne Primer to the abraded area, then before applying the Clear Coat remove the tape and overlap the Clear Coat over the fresh primer and undamaged (older) Clear Coat.