PropOne Kit + Prop Wash – 3 Sizes Available



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Keep your props cleaner for longer.

Make the switch to PropOne. The No.1 foul release coating for propellers and running gear.

Since 2012 PropOne has built a loyal, growing following. One boat at a time. PropOne is now applied to thousands of boats globally every year, with a proven track record of over 10+ years.

The 250mL PropOne Kit comes with:

  • 1 x 120mL Primer Coat
  • 1 x 30mL Primer Activator
  • 1 x 100mL Clear Coat
  • + 250ml Prop Wash!
  • Coverage: 2 x 24 inch Propellers

The 500mL PropOne Kit comes with:

  • 2 x 120mL Primer Coat
  • 2 x 30mL Primer Activator
  • 1 x 200mL Clear Coat
  • + 250ml Prop Wash!
  • Coverage: 2 x 36 inch Propellers + Running Gear

The 1L PropOne Kit comes with:

  • 2 x 240mL Primer Coat
  • 2 x 60mL Primer Activator
  • 1 x 400mL Clear Coat
  • + 1L Prop Wash!
  • Coverage: 2 x 48 inch Propellers + Running Gear



Estimated Coverage Guide:
Propeller Size and Number of Blades

18″- 24″ 24″- 36″ 36″- 48″
Three or four blades Four or five blades Five blades
Running gear components to be painted One propeller 250mL Kit 500mL Kit 500mL Kit
Two propellers 250mL Kit 500mL Kit 1 Litre Kit
Two propellers, two rudders
two propeller shaft struts
500mL Kit 500mL Kit 1 Litre Kit
Two propellers, two rudders, two propeller shaft struts & two trim tabs 500mL Kit 1 Litre Kit 1 Litre Kit



Please see our multilingual brief application guides, technical datasheet or application video or step-by-step guide below for application instructions:

Application Guide

You can also reach out to one of our PropOne accredited applicators. Accredited applicators are trained and supported by both Greencorp Marine and their local distributors. Should you wish to find an accredited applicator in your local area, please contact us and you will receive a list of applicators in your area.

You can also contact a local boatyard or dealer in your area to apply it for you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Excelente producto

Llevo usando PropOne kit hace más de 6 años y estoy muy satisfecho se su resultado. Las helices, ejes, timones y flaps salen sin incrustaciones después de doce meses en el agua. Se ahorra combustible seguro por lo que rentabiliza el alto precio del producto.

Lisa Henry

Love these ! Will be purchasing again !

Keith Donald
Great product

PropOne Kit + Prop Wash - 3 Sizes Available

Michael Galloway
Great Product at a Good Price

I've only just applied the PropOne and gotten the boat back into the water, so this is an initial review. The product application instructions were clear and easy to follow and worked well for me. PropOne installed easily, though you had to be a bit careful with the timing of the applied layers. My prop and drive shaft looked very neat and clean when it was finished. Will know more late next summer when we haul out again.

Mike Ryves
Buying from Greencorp Marine

The product was very well priced and the delivery was very prompt.

Would recommend dealing with this very professional company.

Mike Ryves